Flori Multi Funnel – Fits Most Baby Bottles – BPA Free per order


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Product Description

The flori Multi Funnel plugs firmly into any baby bottle on the market!

The Multi Funnel consists of several diameters which taper towards the bottom. The three flexible side grooves balance out the intermediate step increments of the diameter and serve as clamping grooves for a secure grip.

That’s how it works! Simply plug the Multi Funnel into the opening of the desired baby bottle and press with gentle pressure into the bottle until it is firmly in position. Now, the baby bottle with the funnel attached can be held over the powder packet, without the funnel dropping out. The large opening in the Multi Funnel and its firm grip always guarantee a clean preparation area.

Fillings are now child’s play – Easy! Clean! Quick!
Technical Details:

BPA Free
Made in Germany
Dishwasher Safe

The innovative “Multi Funnel” guarantees the most convenient filling of a baby bottle like no other funnel on the market. Thanks to its special design, the multi-funnel plugs securely into any available baby bottle on the market. The result is a guaranteed clean, simple and rapid filling.

The multi-funnel, like all flori products is 100% Made in Germany.

Filling is now child’s play… Easy! Clean! Quick!

Additional Information

Weight 0.03 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 2.5 in


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