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Product Description

The Flori Happy & Fresh baby bottle is a device that allows for easy, timely and appropriate preparation of liquid baby food in line with manufacturer specifications. The innovative baby bottle is made from a patented screw-on cap component, which forms a powder chamber that separates powder and liquid in the bottle.

A simple manual twist of the screw-on component opens the chamber and powder falls into a closed system receptacle where the liquid is located at the bottom. The streaming of the liquid in the bottle to the feed-nipple is guaranteed.

The fresh mixing guarantees optimal preservation of vitamins in baby food and prevents the emergence and multiplication of dangerous germs and bacteria that can cause an upset stomach.

The usage is so easy…Twist! Mix! Feed!
Technical Summary
BPA Free
Made in Germany
100% Dishwasher safe
Baby Bottle Capacity: 300 ml – 10 fl oz
Powder Chamber: 80 ml – 2,7 fl oz
The Happy & Fresh Baby Bottle is a life saver during nightly feedings as well as mobile food preparations, such as walks, rides in the car and trips.

The innovative Happy & Fresh closure system makes it possible to store food powder and liquids separately. Thus, the food in the Happy & Fresh bottle can be prepared at any time, day or night at any location quickly and easily.

Twist! Mix! Feed!

The Happy & Fresh baby bottle is as are all other flori products, 100% Made in Germany.

Additional Information

Weight 0.27 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 x 3.25 x 3.25 in


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